The Fastify book is out!

The Fastify book is out!

Are you a mid/expert back-end engineer looking to build highly scalable and maintainable API servers? Are you already familiar with Node.js and other back-end frameworks? If so, then "Accelerating Server-Side Development with Fastify" is the book you've been waiting for!

About the Authors: Meet the team behind this comprehensive guide - Manuel Spigolon, a Senior Backend Developer at NeaForm, with expertise in Backend Software Development for IT Services; Maksim Sinik, a Senior Engineering Manager at TrustLayer Inc. in the Insurtech, Healthcare, and Logistics industries, specializing in Node.js Backend Scalability; and Matteo Collina, Co-Founder & CTO of Platformatic, a renowned Open Source author and core maintainer of Fastify.

Who is this Book For? This book targets mid/expert back-end engineers with prior experience in Node.js and other back-end frameworks. It assumes you are familiar with JavaScript and HTTP protocol but are looking to understand the unique selling points of Fastify. Whether you are developing a monolithic application or planning to transition to microservices, this guide will show you how to leverage Fastify's features for optimal results.

Why Choose "Accelerating Server-Side Development with Fastify"? While there are other books on Fastify, they often touch on various aspects of development without diving deep into creating scalable and maintainable applications. This book focuses solely on Fastify and delves into its core logic and features, helping you avoid common pitfalls and build highly responsive applications.

Learning Outcomes Throughout this book, you'll learn the following essential skills:

  1. Understand encapsulation techniques implemented by Fastify.

  2. Become proficient in using Fastify's unique features compared to other frameworks.

  3. Learn to organize project structures and implement architectures for transitioning to microservices.

  4. Develop a real-world project to put theory into practice.

  5. Deploy, monitor, and handle errors in a running Fastify instance effectively.

Book Structure The book is divided into three parts, each addressing different aspects of Fastify development:

Part One: Fastify Basics

  1. What is Fastify?

  2. The Plugin System and the Boot Process

  3. Working with Routes

  4. Exploring Hooks

  5. Exploring Validation and Serialization

Part Two: Building a Real-World Project

  1. Project Structure and Configuration Management

  2. Building a RESTful API

  3. Authentication, Authorization, and Files Handling

  4. Application Testing

  5. Deployment and Process Monitoring for a Healthy Application

  6. Meaningful Application Logging

Part Three: Advanced Topics

  1. From a Monolith to Microservices

  2. Performance Assessment and Improvement

  3. Developing a GraphQL API

  4. Type-Safe Fastify

If you're ready to accelerate your server-side development with Fastify, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for your toolkit!

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Get your copy of "Accelerating Server-Side Development with Fastify" today and embark on a journey towards building scalable and maintainable backend applications!