This blog talks about software development, focusing on the Backend things made with Node.js! We will cover topics such as:

  • HowTos and deep dives
  • Security concerns
  • Software patterns
  • System architectures
  • And more!

The "backend" of this blog is made by:

We are passionate backender with more than 10+ years of experience: the fact we are not building our own blog website is proof that WE ARE BACKENDERS!

Both of us are Fastify core team members, and we will share our knowledge of this framework, Node.js, and backends, in general, to help you in your daily job or your side project!

There is BIG news you must know too, right now in 2021, we are writing a Fastify book! This project is possible thanks to the Packt publisher motivating us to go further into this critical step to help even more the Fastify community.

Pre-Order the Fastify Book

To follow the status of this project, you may follow us on Twitter or the pages of this blog!

Be ready for the Fastify revolution!